Can a home be 100 percent solar?

You can also keep money in your bank account by providing you with free electricity for decades. Meeting 100% of a home's energy needs with solar energy is feasible. However, there are a few factors to consider. First, you'll need to determine the amount of energy you use and then evaluate certain limiting factors for your property.

Solar panels are such an expensive investment that many don't even consider them an option. Initially, they can be a little expensive for the average homeowner in the Washington-Oregon area. However, a home that runs on 100 percent solar energy is cost-effective, an environmentally friendly form of renewable energy, a long-term investment and, in general, rewarding. If you use a solar panel system, also called a photovoltaic or photovoltaic system, to produce electricity, you buy less electricity from the utility company and enjoy the benefits of renewable energy.

The Department of Energy says that most homes with solar panels get at least 40% of their energy from solar energy; that varies by house. Whether solar energy meets all your energy needs depends on the amount your system produces and the amount you use. With a modern solar energy system, including energy storage, you can definitely run an entire house entirely on solar energy. Today's high-efficiency solar panels and solar batteries make it cheaper than ever to power an entire home exclusively with solar energy.

And for those who live in an area that might not be optimal for running 100 percent on solar energy or producing more energy than they need, there's always the option of using partial solar energy. First, determine how much solar energy you'll need to produce to power your entire home with 100% solar energy. Chariot exists to offer 100% solar energy at competitive prices without the need for personal panels. It wouldn't be optimal to use 100 percent solar energy if your house is covered by dense foliage, so it's best to hire a professional contractor to inspect your home and give you a quote.

Of course, using solar energy completely will cost you a little more, since these calculated costs don't reflect that homes are left with 100% solar energy. This way, you can use 100% green energy in your home without the challenges of installing solar panels and at rates as affordable as those of regular electric companies in Texas. Solar energy is a beautiful and bold source of renewable energy and can save tons of money over time if a person is willing to invest for 100 percent solar energy.